Adam Christopher Fox

Adam Christopher Fox, Musician, Producer, and Award Winning Voiceover Talent, picked up a guitar at 4 and began piano at the age of 5. After having several years of formal piano lessons, Adam stopped formal lessons and switched his primary instrument to guitar.

His young life was filled with performance. He grew up in the theater beginning his acting lessons at the age of seven and was classically trained in both theater, covering acting and direction, and in dance with a heavy background in Traditional Russian Ballet and Jazz. Adam spent his formative years keeping busy with acting, dance training, music and audio/video production, learning to cut and edit audio and video tape in the 70’s and early 80’s, prior to the onset and popularity of digital media today.

As his career grew in production and performance, Adam delved deeper into music, and began performing and recording with bands and lending himself out as a session player to local artists in San Diego. While doing so, he was gaining experience in various recording studios and staying current with the development of new recording technologies and developing his experience as a producer.

Adam’s father, also a musician and audiophile, had a recording studio in the house, and soon Adam was producing and recording his own compositions and band projects he was involved with. In 1998, Adam was selected as one of 8 guitar players in the world to be part of an instrumental 7 string guitar Steve Vai tribute CD, “The Generation Ibanez Project” for which he wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered his two contributions from his own home studio, while working on his first CD as a solo artist apart from the several Band CD’s he had already recorded.

This opened Adam up to an International audience, sharing his music with the world, and receiving reviews and accolades from all over the globe.

He is currently working on new material and remixing and remastering previous projects as time permits, from his home studio in Coastal Oregon.

Adam is also available for work as a musician and producer.

“Music is energy. For me, as a primarily Instrumental Musician, it’s a way to reach people and impact them emotionally, without even saying a word. You see it on their face, you feel it from their energy. When you see tears, you know you’ve connected.”